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The Sallie Mae Fund has supported research projects with leading educational and scientific organizations to gather critical information about increasing college access for at-risk students.

Institute for Higher Education Policy

In 2007, the Institute for Higher Education Policy, with support from The Fund, conducted a first-of-its-kind national survey of the parents of middle school students. The research found that while nine out of 10 parents expect to watch their child walk across a stage to receive a college degree, many moms and dads aren't doing all they can to make that dream a reality. In fact, nearly half of all parents of middle schoolers have not started planning for college and nearly two-thirds have not started saving. Read more

Tomás Rivera Policy Institute

In 2004, The Sallie Mae Fund commissioned a study on Latinos and financial aid, conducted by the Tomás Rivera Policy Institute at the University of Southern California. The research revealed that awareness of financial aid options is critically lacking in the Latino community and that this lack of awareness has a direct impact on college attendance. Read more.

United Negro College Fund

College enrollment and graduation rates among African-American students continue to lag behind the population at large, and this gap has increased by one third since 1980. To help gain insight into this trend, in 2005, the United Negro College Fund's (UNCF's) Patterson Institute, commissioned by The Sallie Mae Fund, conducted a survey of African-American students and parents in five cities nationwide concerning their preparation for college. The research showed that African-American families have high aspirations for college but do not know enough about how to pay for it. Read more.